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About Me

I always knew I wanted to work in Hollywood, probably since the age of five. When most teenagers were out at parties or sporting events, I was home writing TV scripts on a manual typewriter. I even bought a TV for my bedroom with funds from my first job so I could watch the Academy Awards with no interruptions. Needless to say, I was bound and determined to get to LA and push my foot in the door.

I landed my first industry job at MGM Studios - back when the dinosaurs roamed Wilshire Blvd. and before Al Gore discovered the internet.  From there it was off to RPMC, a travel promotion agency where I oversaw a variety of promotions and events including working with Budweiser 2-years in a row backstage at the Reading Festival in London; coordinating 60 live radio broadcasts during the Atlanta Olympics (yep, I was there for the bombing) and wrangling 100 contest winners to appear as extras on The X-Files in Vancouver, BC.  Then it was off to plan and manage a convention event for the TV show, Highlander, which featured 15 cast members and almost 5,000 attendees from around the globe.

I launched GLS Entertainment Marketing after the convention wrapped - I had tasted freedom and I just couldn't go back to the grind of a full-time job.  So armed with a fancy new Dell laptop (which weighed around 11lbs), a fax machine and dial up internet connection, I was ready to take on the world.

The GLS journey has been a great adventure: from various radio promotions; to research for an X-Files feature film special, (I got my first on-screen credit); promotion and sponsorship efforts on a few indy films; publicity for local theatre productions;  joining Liz Shaw-Stabler at the Center for Lupus Care to work on a lupus documentary; and my all-time favorite project: MTV’s Fly2K- where I traveled from LA to Lapland Finland, to Rome, to Paris and lastly to London to prep events for the lucky program contest winners traveling a day behind on a private plane.

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Most recently, I joined forces with my friend and client, audiobook narrator Scott Brick, to grow his production company and enhance his brand.  Together we launched a workshop series focusing on the Business of Audiobooks with events held in LA and NY (and coming soon, London) as well as teamed up with author Michael C. Grumley for my first ComiCon programming panel. Fun times. 

Now if I could just find some time to travel... London is calling.

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