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taking innovation to new heights

taking innovation to new heights

taking innovation to new heights

taking innovation to new heights

taking innovation to new heights

taking innovation to new heights

Whether you're looking for innovative marketing strategies, personalized business management, show-stopping event planning, cutting-edge branding, stylized website design or a little bit of everything, GLS has the services to help you get the job done right.

taking innovation to new heights




Innovation is the creation, development and implementation of a new product, process or service, with the aim of improving efficiency, effectiveness or competitive advantage.  Then throw in some inspiration, professionalism and integrity for good measure.

Mission statement, check.




"Gina is extraordinary.  she has been working with me for over 10 years and I couldn't run my business without her.  she is an incredible team player who collorates well with others, and approaches every project with enthusiasm, uneding creativity, and a tenacious commitment to excellence.  She views challenges as opportunities, and finds inventive solutions to obstacles no matter what the budget. Because of her diverse skill set, she wears many hats. She has helped me plan and execute successful book launch parties and international book tours; has managed collaborations with publishers and brand partners; and has trained my growing team. She always has my back, and fosters great relationships with our partners and vendors. My team has a saying "Everybody needs a Gina!" Work with her, and you'll be chanting that too."

Tess Masters

Author & Lifestyle Personality

"13 years ago, I hired Gina Smith to by my production manager, and it's been the single best business decision I've ever made. Gina makes my business run smoothly; she coordinates in-person seminars; manages online content; oversees my website; invoices clients; and wranges dozens of independent contractors. In addition, I've attended several other events Gina and GLS coordinated for other clients, and each experience has been spectacular. If not for Gina, my business would crash to a screeching halt, so if you find yourself debating whether she can assist in your own business, debate no longer and simply hire her. You won't be sorry."

Scott Brick

Scott Brick Productions

"Gina is a marketing genius! The campaign she created for CLC, The Face of Lupus, was beyond successful. She also redesigned our logo, stationery, and most recently, created a new and improved website. But, it was when she agreed to act as editor for my book, LIVING WITH THE WOLF, that we truly bonded. We shared many nights laughing as we worked our way through the manuscript and I can't thank her enough for her contribution. Most importantly, I count Gina as a close friend. Which is the role I treasure most."

Liz Shaw-Stabler

Founder of Center for Lupus Care

"When it came time to incorporate, I turned to Gina, and I'm so glad I did. She was able to clearly and simply explain the benefits and the steps to take in forming a company. She made it look easy, and I felt supported at every point in the process. I now have a successful and thriving business, and working with Gina made that first scary step of actually creating it easy and fun. Thank you, thank you!"

Eric Jason Martin

Producer, Director, Performer

"Gina is amazing. Her marketing skills seem to know no bounds. From marketing and advertising, to events and promotions, to setting up speaking engagements for writers, she can do damn near everything!"

Michael C. Grumley

Author of the Breakthrough  Series

"If you are starting a business, streamlining or overhauling an existing business, or looking for a designer to help you market your product and boost aware of your brand, the person you need to hire is Gina Smith. What a talent! Gina is an extraordinary communicator and collaborator; she is dedicated to your success from the start of a project until its completion and available throughout the process to answer any questions and offer suggestions as to how to make something even better. I am grateful for everything she has done to help my career. Go with Gina and GLS!"

Landon Beach

Author of The Great Lakes Saga

"Gina and GLS did a fantastic job updating my website - my clients rave about how easy it is to access court documents and use the payment portal. My business has grown so much since the site launched that I have to use a waiting list for new clients. Not a bad situation to be in."

Melissa Rowcliffe

Attorney at Law

"Gina was amazing and super creative when creating the website for my business. Everything about it from design to functionality is exemplary. Gina was easy to work with, listened and produced a product that beyond met my expectations. Not only do I get a lot of traffic and business from my site but overall compliments at how outstanding it looks. It was not just the website but the marketing and branding as well. She was able to make my niche business successful with her keen eye, business acumen and creative endeavors. Gina and GLS's work is impressive and I could not have done this without her."

Rachel Sessions

Meow & Purr Pet Sitting & Photos

“Gina Smith has an instinctual gift for identifying industry trends and knowing how to best maximizing creative talent. Since working with Gina and GLS, my career has quickly come into sharper focus. I am more plugged-in to my strengths, accentuating my skill set, and, in doing so, establishing a brand that I can honestly call my own.”

John Patrick Walsh

VoiceOver Walsh

"Gina has been a voice of reason within our business. She has guided us through the startup process, growig pains and scaling issues. Her knowledge of the business has been our saving grace. Our favorite arena to see Gina & GLS shine is in event management. She is an All-Star!"

Jade and Wilnona

The And I Thought  Podcast

"I love working with Gina. She is able to help me clarify my esoteric business musings and translate it into linear format. Her support and management has helped free up time so my focus can be on the actual craft side of my business."

Vikas Adam

Audiobook & Voiceover Artist

Coming Soon

Julie Mullins

Orange County Microcurrent

“I absolutely love everything about my website. It looks how I want it to look, and it does what I want it to do (along with some fun stuff I didn’t even know I wanted!). Gina is the bomb dot com. Eleven stars, would recommend."

Stacy Carolan

Audiobook Narrator

"What I like about Gina is her name, which works well with The Name Game: Gina-Gina-BoBina…. thankfully, she keeps me up-to-date on when my taxes and licenses are due and helps me to run my business. Plus, she knows who Jack Benny is. Oh most importantly, and she’s cheap."

Patrick Fraley

Voiceover Artist & Performer

"Bravo Bravo Bravo!!! I absolutely love Gina Smith and GLS Entertainment. Gina reimagined my outdated website and updated it with good information and wonderful links - and can we say payment portal?! It has made my client's lives easier and allows my staff to do other work while the client can just pay online. She is always readily available to help and answer questions and I assure you I am a nowhere near tech-savvy. She has been a Godsend. Thanks, Gina!!!"

Stacy Goodbread

Attorney at Law