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taking innovation to new heights

taking innovation to new heights

taking innovation to new heights

a Bit of Fun...

If you know me, you know I LOVE to travel.  I mean, counting the minutes until I'm off on the next adventure, L-O-V-E.  And although I'm not much into social media these days, I do try to leave an online footprint during my travels.  On the rare occasion I feel truly inspired, I take it a step further with a video...

Coast Starlight

LA | Eugene, OR | Seattle

Eugene, OR | LA

LA | San Jose (RT) (4)


Seattle | Vancouver, BC (RT)

Texas Eagle

LA | San Antonio

Sunset Unlimited

LA | San Antonio (2)

Southwest Chief

Chicago | LA


NYC | Boston

California Zephyr

Martinez, CA | Reno (RT)

Oh the international train rides... a favorite is the 4-hour journey from London's King Cross station to Edinburgh Waverly station.  Or the EuroStar from London to Paris.  Of course I have my sights set on the big guns like The Flying Scotsman, the steamtrain that travels over the Glenfinnan Viaduct (yep, the one from Harry Potter); The Canadian, a trip across the Rockies from Vancouver to Toronto; and the true bank-breaker: a trip aboard The Royal Scotsman, a week-long journey across Scotland in ultimate luxury.  Sigh.  Someday.


Then there's My BIG dream trip (a little more cash attainable than the Royal Scotsman):  Christmas in the Canadian Rockies - a 10-day holiday adventure across Canada.  From Vancouver to Jasper, BC then off to Lake Louise, Banff then finally Calgary.  With lots of snow, sleigh rides, dog sleds and Christmas galore, I'm desperately counting the minutes until I can embark on this glorious adventure.  Hoping for December 2024...  

If you have any questions about London, Scotland, train travel, any kind of travel... I'm always happy to help.  Just shoot me an email.

On deck for 2024:


Empire Builder

Emeryville, CA | Chicago

Coast Starlight

LA | Seattle  (DONE!)

In addition to planning my next journey across the pond, most recently I've been obsessed with traveling by train - anywhere Amtrak goes sign me up.  In a sleeper car, of course. 

So far here's my long-haul Amtrak tally:



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