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Career Consulting & Coaching

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Whether you're just starting out in the entertainment industry, or you're looking for an edge to set you apart from the masses, we've got your back. 


So how do you get started?  Book a 90-minute consultation for $150.00 to discuss the specific goals for you and your industry. We'll make target recommendations and offer a range of insider tips to help get you on the road to success.

Insider topics include:







GLS also offers coaching packages - when you need specific or target guidance.  $350.00 for three 1-hour sessions.


Consultations can be conducted in person (LA area) or via Zoom, Google Meets, Skype or Facetime.

Check out this comment from a Career Client:



Still on the fence or just not ready to take the plunge? No pressure, you can contact us when you're ready to move forward.  Your future awaits!

  • Maximizing Social Media to Get Your Name Out There

  • Building an Effective and Engaging Website

  • Agent vs. Manager: the Great Debate

  • Strategies for Union Eligibility (if applicable)

  • Showcasing Current Projects: Locally & Online

  • Utilizing Target Industry Resources

  • Building an Effective Email List for PR Newsletters

  • Navigating Casting Websites and Services

“Gina is really good at getting to the heart of what’s most important; she can quickly set both long and short-term goals for optimal career trajectory.”  -John Patrick Walsh

Talent Management

For those already traveling on their path, GLS also offers Talent Management - a great alternative when traditional agent representation isn't a good fit or you're looking for more personal guidance.  We offer project research and coordination; casting assistance; contract negotiation; and industry representation.


Available by referral only. 

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