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Highlander: The Series Bids Farewell...

After five seasons and 100 episodes, cast & crew share goodbyes with 5,000 of their closest fans.

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Venue: The Anaheim Hilton - Anaheim, CA

Dates: April 10-12, 1998

20 Cast & Crew Members

100 Staff Members

5000+ Attendees

Principal Management of All Event Departments During Convention

3 Days of Event Programming in Rotating Ballrooms

Raffle Dinner with Cast and Special Guests

Prop Auction with Cast Participation

Private Concert with Performances by Roger Daltrey & Jim Byrnes


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Gina Smith is a SoCal native who considers herself a marketing guru and industry fixer.  When she's not busy updating someone's website or helping a client chase world domination, she is either traveling the world or hanging out with her two cats.  Or watching a BBC show.


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