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taking innovation to new heights

taking innovation to new heights

taking innovation to new heights

  • Gina Smith

Say Hello to the NY Audiobook Biz Workshop

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Looking to take your audiobook career to the next level? Then this workshop is a must for you...

Scott Brick and Johnny Heller — two of the most sought-after audiobook narration coaches in the nation, with over 1500 titles between them — team up to bring you the most  comprehensive business seminar in the country, tailored directly to the needs of the audiobook industry!    They and a dozen presenters—fellow narrators whose entrepreneurial approach has paved the way for others’ success, as well as representatives from several publishers and producers—will be on hand to answer your questions and up your game.

Based on the principle that the business side of our careers should be executed as artfully as the creative, this event is designed to meet you at your current skill level and propel you to the next rung on your career path, upping your game to meet the challenge of a changing industry. They have teamed up with numerous industry professionals, narrators and publishers alike, to help attendees become more entrepreneurial and better allies to the publishers we partner with! 

Event Panels Include:


Paul Heitsch, Gina Smith

Workflow guru Heitsch guides you through a demonstration of Airtable - the app that works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database - and shows you how to maximize this cloud collaboration service to streamline your workflow.  In addition, Scott Brick’s Production Manager Smith instructs you in the fine art of navigating all the day to day business tasks from invoicing to website maintenance to sourcing vendors. 

Event Specs >

Venue: Hotel Beacon - Manhattan, NY

Dates: March 3, 2019

18 Panelists

49 Workshop Attendees

Manage All Event Programming

Coordinate with Participating Vendors

Coordinate On-Site Catering

Design Event Logo, Branding and Event Documents

Create & Post Social Media Ads and Announcements

Post- Workshop Follow-Up with Attendees and Panelist

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