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taking innovation to new heights

taking innovation to new heights

taking innovation to new heights

  • Gina Smith

Tess Masters Blends Up Artful Creations for TBG Smoothie Book Launch Party

Updated: Feb 20

Celebrating the launch of her second book, The Blender Girl Smoothie Book, Tess Masters aka The Blender Girl teamed up with GLS to create a launch party event with a modern art twist to showcase featured smoothies for attending guests.

Gina is an incredible team player who collaborates well with others, and approaches every project with enthusiasm, unending creativity, and a tenacious commitment to excellence. She views challenges as opportunities, and finds inventive solutions to obstacles no matter what the budget.   --Tess Masters

Party Specs >

Venue: Factory 431, Los Angeles

Date: Wednesday, July 1, 2015

80 guests

Modern Art Theme

Custom On-Site Signage and Posters

Custom Smoothie Sampling

Named Sponsors included: Kitchen Aid, Melissa's Produce, Temple Tumeric & Driscoll's

Step & Repeat Banner for Arrival Photos

Professional On-Site Videographer & Photographer

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